Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My precious...

Have you ever watch The Lord of the Rings film trilogy? If you did, do you remember the gollum named Smeagol? I believe you did. "My precious..." that's his famous words.

I believe every single human in this world have something precious in their life. You, me and others are all the same. I don't know yours but I'll tell you mine.

I got these two items this memorable month of June 2009. It is hard to stay calm without wearing these things.

1st, the Sarawak wooden bracelet. It's a gift from my Baby, bought during her family vacation in Sarawak on May. 1st June 2009, she tied this bracelet at my hand by her own hands, tied it up by herself and with hope I will never forget about her ever. Yes, I never!

The wooden bracelet of Sarawak.

And the last one, the red stone ring from Mecca. This ring was given by my mother after she went back home from performing umrah in the Holy Land of Mecca. Since it was given by my mother herself, chosen by herself, with hope that I will appreciate this gift as my own life and as the sign that I love her more than anyone else, I never ever let this ring off my fingers.

The red stone ring of Mecca.

I will only loosen these items just when I'm going to the bathroom and toilet or when I'm doing anything that might broken these things.

I love these two women very much! My mom, my Baby. How precious are the bracelet and the ring, both my mother and my girlfriend are much precious than those items.

I love you, mother.

I love you, Baby.

Thank you.

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