Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not same, but at least...

Tut... tut...


"Uncle, it's me, Zaki."

"Zaki! How can I help you, son?"

"No, uncle. I just want to talk to you for a while. Did you have a minute for me?"

"Of course! What is it?"

"Happy Father's Day, uncle."

"Zaki, thank you. I'm sorry for the lost."

"I'm sorry, uncle. I just can't hold this feeling. You are my dad now, uncle. I'm sorry."

Here it comes again. My tears, after for some time gone, it comes again. I put off the call.

Uncle (yellow shirt) with his family

I assume him as my very own dad now. They might not be the same person, but at least I still can said Happy Father's Day.

2 thought(s):

Mohamad Shaiham Ibrahim said...

uuuuu~ touching nyer.....

A d'Z said...

to Shaiham,
gni la ak skrg...