Friday, July 2, 2010

Swastika or Hakenkreuz?

Few moment ago while I was reading the latest news online, I got a message posted to my Facebook wall. It's my online game partner, Mrs. June Chernetz.

"What's with your new f/b pic... A Swastika???? Why are you using it? Do you know what it stand for?????"

I do expect there will be somebody going to said about this matter. By the way, what she mean was this picture below :

I do politely answer her question :

"I am sorry, Mrs. June but what the Israeli's govt. done to the international flotilla just like Nazi's act during the WW2. I didn't hate Jewish, but I do hate Zionism."

To be more polite as Malaysian known to be, I asked her to chat using the Facebook Instant Messaging (IM) application. Here is our refined conversation :

ME : I'm not racist, I'm not extremist, but I do hate them (Zionist).

JUNE : With a Facebook picture like that, it shows support to the Nazi rule.

ME : But I didn't.

JUNE : What connection is there with not approving with what the Zionist belief and what the Nazis did during WW2? The Swastika symbol stand for hatred and you play Band of Heroes? With a Facebook picture of a Swastika?

ME : Not the Swastika (is the symbol for hatred) but the Hakenkreuz. That is the symbol for hatred.

JUNE : Uh?

ME : But, with all due respect, I change it for you. But I didn't delete it.

JUNE : Whatever.

Right after we done, here is my new profile picture!

What do you think?