Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Help need!

Guys! I really need your help. I need ideas and suggestions from anyone of you. There is a big event coming soon this weekend...

Frankly speaking, it's my girlfriend 21st birthday.

More frankly, our FIRST birthday celebration EVER!


Yes, first time in 571 days.

I've conspire with her friends on the cake matters. I've plan the 'storyline' of the event in detail. I've ask Yazid opinion on any other thing that can be done on that night. Interesting and seems realistic.

But, I have problem in deciding what should I give to her.

What can I give to her as present?

Help needs here. Any realistic suggestion, any price. Please!

5 thought(s):

Anonymous said...

salam, nk bg pndangn sket abt tajuk blog rasa yg sebetulnye LEST WE WALK..not LETS WE WALK,..

A d'Z said...

W'slm... Sedare, LEST mksudnye "jgn smpai" & LEST WE WALK blh dtakrifkn sbgi "jgn smpai kt b'jln".

Blog ini bkn sbgtu. TQ cz msuk ke LET'S WE WALK.

Anonymous said...

tp...Let's we walk salah dr segi grammar..ianya bermaksud "let us we walk"..yg bercelaru makne dan strukturnye..LEST WE WALK membawa maksud "for fear that we walk", mungkin tak bertepatan dgn makna yg sedara nak tp betul dr segi grammar..sekadar renungan tp yg pasti LET'SWEWALK tak ok

Ansaree said...

ish.. klas grammar ke ni.. nway.. girls love flowers.. sedozen ke..

A d'Z said...

to Ansaree,
boonge cpt mati la... ltk dlm air pn bp lm sgt la thn... ak nk cri se1 yg leh thn lm... bkn teddy bear cz ak dh bg 2 teddy @ dy... pape pn, thnx!

to Anonymous,
o... br sy fhm... klu cmtu kne tukar LET'S WE WALK kpd LET'S WALK je la kot... LEST WE WALK pn ok gak. tp klu g2 bek sy pkai WALK TOGETHER ni trus rsnye... ke cmne?