Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Importance of Being Yourself

Taken from: nagaputra (Sep 19, 2002 - 08:01 PM)

Sometimes we try to fit into certain groups of cliques. When we do that we often try to impress other people; we try to become what they want us to be. This often ends with bad effects if we gain acceptance from them. The most important thing is to be you above and beyond anything else. People are attracted to qualities that others express not popularity or physicality. It's important that you always act exactly as you are as people can see through you not being yourself.

When you're trying to be someone you are not, it's like putting on a mask or covering your face with your hands in a game of peek-a-boo. The mentality of it being, since you can't see them clearly they must not be able to see you either. This is a corrupt assumption. They may not see you clearly at first but eventually your mask will develop cracks and they will see you for who you really are. What will happen then? Oh horror, they may not like the real you. You might be disappointed and ashamed of the ‘you’ that you've been and always will be. Honestly though, would you really want to spend time around people acting as something you are not? The answer to this, eventually if not already, is no.

Every one of us is a unique individual. If we all tried to be like each other, something we're not, we would all end up being the same. Is that what we want? A race of clones? No... Besides, you have to have difference to have sameness. Just as you have to have light to have dark, good to have badly, and equal to have unequal. If you deny yourself the right to be individual you're also denying yourself your dreams, your thoughts, and the right to make your own choices; for your life will be dictated by those you want to be. You will be denying yourself the right to be you. If you aren't yourself you will be fighting a battle against your inner self. A war that can so easily be avoided by self acceptance, but one of the hardest to win. This is one of the greatest tragedies of life.

Sometimes people will judge you by your looks, or popularity, or intelligence, etc. It happens sometimes... Most important of all though is being the ‘you’ that you love. Not the one that the popular girl will, and no the one that the guy-who-sits-next-to-you-biology will, the one you will. If you can't trust yourself and be yourself just for your life is going to be pretty long and miserable; because you have to live the rest of your life with you, believe it or not. You have to take care of yourself, and be happy with yourself... And, as we have been trying to say, be yourself! Because in truth, you are the only person that you have got for keeps, so you have to watch out for yourself, and that's the truth. By the way, do you want to know something really subversive? If you really want to be a rebel, like yourself.