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IMGLAD : 7th and 8th week ( 8-21 Mar 2010)

Welcome back, ladies and gents! Week 7 and 8 were the busiest week we ever had so far in IMGLAD, hmm, maybe just for me. I got no time to update my blog but now I am here again! Let see...

Hutan Lipur Sg. Bantang
... peaceful - Bekok Waterfall - wonderful ...

It was 8th, Monday. The whole class -- except Nanna, Qema and Sofi -- went to Labis for a 'family' picnic. The drivers took the ladies at their college and waiting for Nizam at the nearest Shell petrol station.

Later on, as planned, we stopped at the Machap R&R for breakfast. Everyone of us need lot of energy after that!

Before the journey begin...

Jalan-jalan cari makan!

After we took our meals, the journey continued. About an hour later, after get through the long not-very-well-taken-care-of road, we arrived! What we did? Look at the pictures.

The entrance

We made it here!

Busted! Not using the changing room!

Ready, fall!

Coffee break

Bubbles war


Water polo





Family picture (without me =[ )

Dauz and wife arrival

Fish feeding

About 3pm, all of us had enough fun there. We were hungry and need to find a place for lunch even though we brought lot of snacks. However, before we go, more pictures!

A5 family's picnic in memory!

The Legion of A5 Drivers

Picture of the day

After that, we went to Ayer Hitam for lunch, shopping for the incoming CSR's souvenir and perform the pray. Those who were in Nizam's car straight away went back to JB as Nizam got family business to be settle down.

After lunch, with tired faces

Shopping and voting

Ministry of Silly Walk

We arrived at UTM about 7.30 pm. Even though we were tired, we sleep tightly and happily that night!

Corporate Social Response (CSR)
... Hospital Permai, Tampoi ...

CSR is a part of IMGLAD Leadership Training Modules. We had chosen Hospital Permai, Tampoi for our CSR. Why? We want to change the community mentality toward mental patients.

Committees' discussions


After preparing for two weeks, the day we were waiting comes! 11 March 2010, our CSR mission begin!

Our beloved trainer,
Datuk Prof. Ir. Ishak bin Ismail

with A5 official corporate T-shirt

Breakfast at Tropika de Cafe

Our volunteer of the day, Miss Norazura binti Sanusi (Jun's cousin)

Very long briefing by the Head of Permai Hospital

Exchanging the tokens of appreciation

After we were done with the long briefing from the Head of the Hospital, we went to the Activity Hall straight away to begin the morning session activities.

1) Sping Spong
2) Flour Candy
3-5) Acoustic Karaoke
6) Radio Buruk

When the morning session done, we had our lunch at the meeting room. Here, we also had some rest and prepare for the afternoon session.

Delicious, bountiful feast

Qema, Nizam, Wan, Liza, me and Dauz were found guilty.

For afternoon session, there were two (2) activities held at the same time. So, we divide ourselves into two (2) groups to handle both activities.

Singing and dancing!


Mr. OD for interview and closing ceremony

We had a lot of fun with the patients and staffs of Hospital Permai that day. We were sympathize
with the patients for their conditions and let us pray that they will get better and healed so they can live with us, normally like they used to be before.

Last but not least, the curry puff made by the ex-patients at Bakeri Kasih was very delicious!

Thank you for all who had contribute their time, efforts and finance for this programme. May Allah S.W.T. bless us all. Amin...

Tribute to the Permai's community,
specially from A5
with love and respect

Monday, March 15, 2010

IMGLAD : 6th week ( 2-4 Mar 2010)

Dear readers / followers,

There was nothing much be done during our 6th week of training here in Johor Bahru (JB). However, there was a very important task done on 3rd March which was Business Presentation. The event was held in Pandan City Hotel, JB.

Photos and captions are as below :

ME Creative Sdn. Bhd.

My 'company', ME Creative Sdn. Bhd. were lucky to be the first presenter from Group A5, which is my class. All of us were nervous at first because we heard the criticism from the judges to the four (4) earliest group. Frankly speaking, they were scary!

However, during the Question and Answer (Q&A) session, we were noted as the best presenter of the day!

Q&A session

However, again, we need to faced lot of comments (which was actually explained during the presentation) from the judges.

Ah, we're cooler than ice!

Owh! Before I forget. I didn't sleep at the night before. After all, what can you expect I will do? My God-damn-love-to-make-fun-of-me friends snap this.

Tahlil and doa arwah?!

Ouch! Let see what was happened to the other three (3) teams from A5.

Cherry B Sdn. Bhd.

Bambino Center Sdn. Bhd.

e-Green Sdn. Bhd.

Cherry B and Bambino Center can be said luckier than e-Green that day. The critics criticize them (e-Green) badly! I don't understand myself why should the critics act like that since we are yet to be a professional presenters. They expect something ridiculous and far to be achieved at our level, so far.

Don't worry, e-Green! We got our agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)!

The judges / critics / commentators

At the end of the day, after all groups done with their presentation, time to back home! Here are some photos of us, the A5's or IMGLAD 11.

ME Creative Sdn. Bhd.
from left :
Zaki, Qema, Nanna, Jun, Siti and Nizam

Bambino Center Sdn. Bhd.
from left:
Fiza, Ainaa, Shiba, Dauz, Liza and Sal

Cherry B Sdn. Bhd.
from left:
Ila, Azmah, Khai, Wan, Dayah and Sofi

e-Green Sdn. Bhd.
rom left:

Shikin, Erin, Juli, Ida, Cyril and Helme

Corporate pictures of us -- isn't it cool? Let's see what were happened after those pictures above.

The A5 Family
"the best ever existed in IMGLAD"
- jealous by others -
- created by Datuk Prof. Ir. Ishak bin Ismail -

Saturday, March 6, 2010 : #1

Wahai masyarakat Malaysia yang budiman,

Razan, ahli YouthSays telah kehilangan adik perempuan beliau minggu lepas dan masih tiada berita sehingga kini. Saya menyeru semua ahli dan sekalian rakyat Malaysia amnya untuk menghulurkan tangan membantu keluarga Razan dan menyebarkan mesej ini.

1Malaysia, 1Masyarakat, 1Sepakat.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear kindly Malaysians,

YouthSays member's Razan beloved sister gone missing last week and no news so far. We call all members and all Malaysians to give a hand of help for Razan’s family and spread the message.

1Malaysia, 1Society, 1Unity.