Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mid-night at Jalan Laksamana...

Hang out till late night can be said as one of my habit, especially when I'm all alone in my house. Lately, I went to the most popular spot in my lovely, beautiful state of Melaka -- Jalan Laksamana.

The first place we go was Flor De La Mar (Flower of the Sea) Ship Museum which was built in 1990. This ship is the centrepiece of the Maritime Museum. The ship measures 34 meter high, 36 meter long dan 8 meter wide. I never get into the ship but I will, some time.

While we were walking along the river bank, I've seen something attractive. Something new here -- Melaka Sultanate Water Wheel! The 13 meter tall water wheel was used to channel water for the large number of traders. The water wheel represent the greatness of Melaka and its technological feat.

Next of the water wheel, there is a fort with cannons where the Melaka Tourism Council Office branch is located. The office design just like Tengkera Mosque, the masterpiece of Hindu Muslim architecture art.

Lastly, the most popular site -- The Stadhuys. In front of this building, there are many trishaw cyclers that willing to take us to any part of the city. There are friendly and we can even take some pictures with them, with some payment, of course. But don't worry! It's much cheaper than we even imagine. History Museum and Etchnography Museum are located in the Stadhuys too.

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