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Rantau Abang's turtle extinction & some Malays nonsensical

I finished read an article in on turtle extinction in Rantau Abang, Terengganu just now. This unique creature used to be found in large quantity along the white-sandy beaches of Terengganu. Turtle still the mascot of Terengganu, even though this beautiful animal does not landed in its beaches anymore.

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The article attracted me on an issue -- some Malays nonsensical believes -- which in this article mean by why turtles doesn't come to spawn here (there) any more.

The elders said the turtles come to lay their eggs at Rantau Abang because there are Turtles' Mother (ibu penyu) on the top of Cik Hawa Hill nearby the area. The ibu penyu is a 3.5 metres turtle-look-alike-stone!

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Why does the turtles did not come to beach anymore? According to them, the ibu penyu was 'dead' and ruined because there are lot of people come to see it and touch it back then!

There is another version of accusation or theory on this matter. The woman blame the tourists whom doing wickedness in that area made the turtles doesn't want to lay their eggs there.

Wow! Great theory, isn't it? Nonsense!

Don't tell us that the locals didn't do the same thing there. It will make your theory become more nonsense, lady!

The truth is, clearly from the article, the locals themselves. Just imagine this. If they can collect more than 9000 turtles' eggs per night, to be sell to the domestic or for foreign buyers, to be served on tables as delicacy, we already found the answer of the matter -- the turtles' extinction. In addition, turtle populations have been decimated by longlining fishing technique by the local fishermen, causing the turtles to drown.

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Whom to blame now?

There are many other reasons that cause the problem. As the most intelligent creature amongst others, we have to think again.

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It is annoying to go to Pasar Payang. The turtles' eggs were sold like any other eggs, or, like it is 'the most exotic product or delicacy you must try' in Terengganu. Damn! Hey, authorities! Don't pretend like nothing happened. Take action on those sellers, you &^%^&*(%^!

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