Wednesday, August 12, 2009


UFO (unidentified flying objects) is one of the popular phenomenon which it cause cannot be easily or immediately identified. There are many hypothesis on this weird phenomenon so are investigations on this matter. There are also conspiracy theories that claim that some of the world's power nations related with the existence of this objects.

I can't remember when is the first time I become obsess with UFO. But for sure, personally, I think UFO and aliens are very interesting. Again, why?

  1. If aliens really exist, their intelligent is awesome! But, I don't believe there are something else as brilliant as human being -- in the context of His creation.
  2. I love their eco-friendly transportation!
  3. The crop circle -- what a beautiful art!
  4. Aliens are cute! Not if they look like the Predator enemy.
  5. New culture, new experience.

Ah... I couldn't think anymore. Whatever the reasons is, I still in love with it!

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