Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fortress Project

I still remember our childhood craziness. We, I and Lutfi, had lot of things done together. We are good friends since Year 1. Growing up together, Lutfi was brilliant than me and that makes him studying in Japan now.

He come back home, for few weeks. Of course, he fascinated us with his stories and experiences for the first year in the Sunrise Nation.

But, the most unforgettable thing we ever did together is "Fortress Project". Since both of us were hyperactive children back then, we made a big decision -- as preparation from any attacks from outside or domestic -- we agreed to make an underground bunker at the back of Lutfi's house!

We begin the project right after Lutfi's mother went for a nap. That afternoon, we dig up a hole with diameter that can fit both of us and so far, back then, again, it depth was about our waist! Based on our 'construction plan', the project will be finished in two weeks. But...

We were BUSTED!

Lutfi's father scold us for the mess we done to his house. We had been order to fill the hole again and our dream gone away with time.

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