Friday, August 21, 2009

Condolence : Sorry for your lost

About an hour ago I've been inform that one of my friend had lost her fiancé due to an accident in a state in East Malaysia. If you read this, my friend, I'm sorry for your lost. I'm used to said this words to my girlfriend when she lost her father figure few weeks ago and I hope it will help you.

He go to a better place, waiting for us.
But, while we are waiting to meet them again,
those who still alive need us as we need them.
Be sad thinking of the dead, or,
appreciate those who still alive.

As addition, I put the following dialogues between a dying husband (H) and his wife (W) for us to think again about us and those we love whom still alive.

W : Honey, please don't die. I'll suffer badly and I can't live without you.
H : [smiling] I hope you die first.
W : Huh?
H : Let me feel the suffer of losing you, not you.

Walk together with those who live, remember those who lost.

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