Saturday, August 1, 2009

The secret reveal!

I've been asked by lot of people about "Walk Together" -- the tag line of this blog. Liverpool's supporters said that I'm not a fan of Manchester United but their club. Sorry, you're wrong.

The tag line doesn't mean anything to anybody but it is a PROMISE to me, to us. I believe you know her.

I don't want to talk too much on this simple matter but I hope I can freely blogging as others.

I'm happy doing this.

3 thought(s):

torres said...

Haha..dulu guna You'll Never WAlk Alone dalam blog ni..skrang.dah tukar..apa2 pun, YNWA is d most famous tagline in the world, very catchy n meaningful too..much better thn glory, glory...

A d'Z said...

Dear mr. torres,

i reli luv 2 use glory, glory s d tagline of my blog. but, respecting her s a Liverpool die-hard-fan-wannabe, v full resp8 i use YNWA -- d glorious tagline so far.

torres said...

YNWA 4eva..wht else 2 say....hehe