Friday, July 17, 2009

UDM 1st Convocation : Everything about it

I've joined the convocation events for 4 days, from 13-16 July. I spent most of the time at the MPP stall. However, here, I want to tell everything that I think about the event.

1. The Convo Fest venue

This place sucks! Located far away from Dewan Al-Mukhtafi Billah Shah (DABS), most sellers make profits less than what they had invested. This event should be held right outside DABS, just like in another university. Students' Affairs and Alumni Department (HEPA) rent each stalls for RM200 and this shouldn't happened.

2. Happy and Sad

I'm happy to met you my friends but at the same time I feel so down when I can't grad with all of you. However, I believe that this is the best He gives to me. I'll got something better.

3. Academic Department

Stupid! I can't register my course yet because everyone in the Academic Department had to handle the convocation events. I believe I'll be blame when I'm going there this coming Sunday.

4. Chancellor

I heard that Her Majesty didn't want to come to the event because the university's adminstrative invited Terengganu's former MB to join it. I don't want to talk too much about this. AUKU still valid on me.

I think I have nothing else to say. See you soon!

4 thought(s):

haziQah said...

rumours about chansellor very funny la..mcm2 dgr..oops !

Anonymous said...

lawak kn..?


[ Goodbye zuLL ] said...

aku xboley pegi..wawawaaaaa

A d'Z said...

To haziQah & tiEha,

mcm2... skrg dh ngarut UDM ni... byk bnde xtol...

To zuLL,

xpela... @ least mg xjd mcm ak...