Sunday, July 12, 2009

Goodbye, my lover

I'm late! It's 10.20 a.m. already and I just wake up from sleep. I grab my phone and call her. She answered. I can feel her dissatisfaction clearly without any doubt.

I take my bath as quick as possible. I wear anything I can grab. I didn't combed my hair, just get out to her home quickly.

When I arrived, she already wait for me. After she get into my car, I ask for her apology. I get it with her beautiful smile. I feel happy and so relieved.

We go straight away to Peringgit, trying to find the shop that sold CSL's charger. When we try asking to a shop in Batu Berendam, the guy told us that the shop located somewhere around the TESCO, not inside it. Then we decide to go to Taman Cempaka.

There it is! We found it. However, because today is Sunday, the shop closed. But it's okay. She'll go there with her friends tomorrow after work.

We had our lunch in TESCO. Both of us chose claypot chicken rice, but for me, with mushrooms. Then, we go inside trying to find the charger. We got to a wrong place again.

Worried about my little sister at home, I decide to go back. As I not yet packing up my stuffs to go back to Terengganu this night, I ask for her permission to bring her back home. She agree.

While driving, we hold our hands tightly. I tell her how happy I am being together with her more frequent than ever. I thanked her for the very, very wonderful holiday and for the very, very wonderful time and for her very, very lovely treat.

Both of us share what we feel together, both of us crying. I have to left her again. That is not what we want but we have to.

I promised her that after I done with my study, I'll find her where ever she is and even for 10 minutes, I promised her we'll spend our time together.

When we arrived at her home, I met her friends Nad and Fiza, apologized and ask for apology for them, and thanked them for every single thing we done together. Then, it is time for me and my Baby.

I hold her hand, promised her again what had I promised, and cry again.

I get into my car, drive away slowly, looked at the gloomy face of her till I can't see it.

Because her warm love, I cry.

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