Friday, July 10, 2009

1Malaysia and the game...

I walked to the field with my Warrior shoe, as usual in the evening. However, my desire to play futsal with my neighbors broken as I see there were only little guys playing.

I sit nearby a fence, put my shoes on the ground and puff.

There were two teams -- Malays and Indians. I know some of the Malay boys name and I recognize those Indians face. All of them live in my neighborhood.

While they were playing, I can see the Malays play dirty game. When they had chances to knock the Indians heads, they will. When the Indians run with the ball, those Malay kids tackled them as hard as possible.

The game filled with hatred and chauvinism.

I speak to one of the Malay kids which act like the others leader. I ask them to play as we, their brothers, play or they'll face my wrath.

They follow what have I told them to do.

There are lot of WHY coming in my head. I don't understand why must this beautiful game filled with HATRED, CHAUVINISM and RACISM. I don't understand why at the very young age they act like this toward other races, toward their very own countrymen.

When will this hatred ends? When will racism erased from the human's dictionary? When will chauvinism disappear from us, Malaysians?

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