Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It a small world...

We've planned to hang out together tonight, chatting about things etc. While I'm waiting for them, I call my heartthrob to ensure she gets better from her sadness.

Then, Pali come with Ejat.

After we done puffing, Pali took his SS at my house. Then we go to Lendu. This guy want to check his short semester results. That's it! He got A- for those papers -- Static and Engineering Drawing.

As usual for a winner, he treat us! Yahoo!

We went to a stall right in front of the Masjid Jamek Alor Gajah. While we were waiting our orders sent to us, there is a guy coming to our table. He is Wan, Pali's friends in UIAM.

Then, another guy coming. He is Hafiz, both Pali and Wan friend -- and Ejat former schoolmate in Teknik Bukit Piatu! Things get more interesting. Hafiz was a UTM student, my former varsity! I read DDT, he read DDE. Plus, his brother was my senior in Sultan Muhammad.

Around 10 pm, Wan had to take his brother back home from tuition.

Another guy coming to our table, talking to Pali and Hafiz. I think I know that guy but I wonder who. Then, that guy go to the next table for his friends.

I asked Pali "Is he Fakhrulradzi, Ustaz Yusoff's son?"


I looked to the table.

"Hey, Fakrul. You never remember your old friend, did you?"

"Eh? Zaki! I don't realize this is you, man!"

Fakhrulradzi is my old friend. Our friendship start since we were six-years-old. He is Pali former schoolmate in Teknik Md Zin.

All of us are friends actually!

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