Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visit Melaka Means Visit Malaysia

Dear readers (non-Melaka citizens),

Do you have anywhere to go for holiday on July? Whatever or whenever you plan to go, don't forget Melaka! This coming July there are two (2) big events will be held in this World Heritage City.

  • Melaka River Festival (31st May 2009 - 8th July 2009)
I try to find out details as much as possible about this event on the net but there were not much information about it. Whatever it is, the main attraction is Melaka River Cruise. Please refer to following address for more information:

  • Melaka Tourism Street Carnival (5th June 2009 - 7th June 2009)
Luckily I got a picture of the promotional poster for this events. Just click on the picture for more details:

To my TESLian friends,

If any one of you plan to come and visit my lovely historical state, just buzz me. Tour guide service for free!*

* Terms and conditions apply.

2 thought(s):

dnieAlias said...

nak nakkk!!!! saya nak pegi melaka!!!!!

A d'Z said...

to dnieAlias,

Meh le sni... Ajak wawa 1x.. Bini ak pn join..