Saturday, May 16, 2009

Month of Appreciation

During May every year, I will thinking about some events. I believe anyone of us will think or feel the same, at least. For students, those events mean holiday! Just want to take a break, of course. Leisure time for activities we want to do, anything.

1st May, LABOURS' DAY. For me, this is when I can spend those 24 hours given with my love one. Family, friends, my girl. It's short but that enough for me.

10th May, MOTHER'S DAY! A special day for the one who we give our love, respect and honor to. The one who we should pay good mind to. The one who used to hold us, clean us and clothe us. The one who used to feed us and always be with us every time we need. Thank you, Emak.

12th May, NURSES DAY. To all my Nursing friends, Happy Nurses Day! All the best wishes to you!

14th May, MY DAY. For the Israelis, this day is anniversary of declaration of creation of the State of Israel which was made on 14th May 1948. But for me, it's my birthday. Any present(s) anyone?

15th May, YOUTH DAY. Oh, yeah... Ladies and gentlemen, there are a special day for us actually. Let's fill it with good deeds!

16th May, TEACHERS' DAY. For my TESLians friends, we know how was it feel to be a teacher. It's not a very easy job. We are a candle. We burn our self for our students.

May, the month of appreciation. Let's celebrate!

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