Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Police and Soldier Wannabe, and Reformation

Lately, there’s something happen in this varsity. Students’ voice for reformation. For years, since the legendary KUSZA transform into UDM, there are no leaderships that really bring the students’ voice to the old geeks (administration) except the present SRC. Congratulation, guys! You are the kind of leaders that we need so much. Hope the incoming leaders will be as brave as you guys.

History shows us that reformation in university is something normal, and it’s a need. In UDM context, is reformation is possible?

Before I give my thought(s) on that, let me tell you what kind of reformation that I mean. Reforming lie into truth, reforming bribery into honesty etc. related. I hope this will make the topic clear to all of you, dear respected readers.

Yes, reformation is possible in UDM!

Here comes another question. If the students unite and make a neutral reformation movement, what will happen?

Theorically, if there is demonstration(s) like has happened in Universiti Malaya (UM) etc. before, our police and soldier wannabe (SUKSIS and PSTD) will be ordered by the admin to act on the demonstrators. This is just a theory. This thing never happened in other universities but it might happen here.

Some of the SUKSIS members.

How these SUKSIS and PSTD members will be ordered to do that?

Easy question. Both of them are under influence of the administration. The old geeks already take over the varsity Security Department and they had done the same to both SUKSIS and PSTD also.

Okay. If that time comes, what will be happened next?

Theorically, again, if the Security Department which backed up by SUKSIS and PSTD members being order to act ‘over what we can imagine’ toward the demonstrators, this varsity will be havoc of course! But, the most interesting thing to be think, or imagine, is will the police and soldier wannabe act like been ordered?

This is a question of moral. If I am one of them, I will not act on the students.

Ouch! I got to go but with a question to those SUKSIS and PSTD members.

Will you act like been ordered towards the reformist, which any one of them might be your friend?

Think about it and answer me please.

Actually, I heard this from one of the old geeks in our admin.

5.50 am, 15 October 2009

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