Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lesson through an argument

Understanding a woman / girl is the most complicated matter for me. Yeah, yeah… we had an argument, again, this evening.

Hey! Don’t look at me like that. It just normal for any lovers to picked up oral fight. Listen here.

Arguing couple.

At first, for me, the thing that she told me is so simple and very good. Badly, it wasn’t for her. That is the point that I miss which leads to the argument.

She supposed to take a writing test today (Monday) so she study hardly while she was home this (last) weekend. Of course, with the effort and hard work, she prepares to answer those questions. However, right after she arrives at her hostel, her lecturer called and said that the test will be postponed to Friday or next week. She was upset with the news and that’s why she calls me for moral support.

Okay. I told her “that is a very good news ‘coz you got time to add up any information thus strengthen your readings”. She hung up the phone and texting me.

OMG! That was my point of view on ‘moral support’ but not to her. She said if she tells me something like that again, in the future, just listen! One more time. JUST LISTEN!

Supportive couple.

“Without any responds?” I asked her and guess what the answer?

“Just if I asked for it,” she said.

Phew! That was a very good lesson for me. And for us, hopefully.

4.10 am, 19 October 2009

2 thought(s):

haziQah said...

bagusnye jack..lucky ur gf to have u since u r really understanding and try to undrstand girl/woman, not all guys now will do the same thing as u do :)

A d'Z said...

Dear haziQah,

TQ. We already grown up & keep growing. So, we have to act as it should be done.