Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Accident, again!

I’ve been asked by some guys from my faculty to be their rugby 7-a-side winger this evening. They said that they have not enough members. Even though I’ve planned to play football with my housemates, I go for rugby at last.

It was a fun game for us! Even though we lose but we did a good job as a new build team. However, accidentally, my pinky finger injured. It bruised badly and hurts me a lot. ARGH!!

Poor you, my pinky!

I asked one of my housemate, Nabil to go to Klinik Kesihatan Seberang Takir right after Isya’. Using his KRISS, we met the M.A. and show him my problem. I am lucky, it wasn’t broken.

We went back happily.

We rode the bike peacefully and enjoy chatting. There is a T-junction near the Sekolah Kompleks Seberang Takir, not so far from the clinic. An orange colour Gen2 car intercepts our ride and we were very near to the T-junction. Suddenly, the goddamn car turn left and hit our ride!

Nabil try to stabilize the bike but… we fell. I get up instantly and try to throw my helmet to the car but I couldn’t. Nabil ask for help. His motorcycle fall on him. I just able to watch the car gone away, left us with injuries. “*#%&&#@^&^%!” I shout to him.

Nabil was lucky. A white colour Kancil from the opposite road dodges him and stop to the edge of the road. Two young villagers come and help us.

All along the way back home, we couldn’t stop cursing the son of the bitch. Go with a slight injury, back with ‘additional trophy’.

The "trophies"...

Is it a bad day? Maybe, but we are really grateful that we still can breathe. We promised ourselves to find the car in any ways possible!

1.30 am, 13 October 2009

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