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IMGLAD : 9th and 10th week (22 Mac - 2 Apr 2010)

Hi there! It is great to see you again. Here I am, to tell you the last part of my experience during the IMGLAD programme. Have fun!

Post-presentation Bowling
... strike, spare, enjoy ...

It was 23rd March. We had our final presentation of our business plan. Everything gone smoothly and we performed much more confidence compared with the first presentation. The best part coming.

At the afternoon, after the presentation, some of us came out with an idea to play bowling. Release tension, relax, everything! We wanted to pamper ourselves after being pushed for 8th weeks to work, work and work.

The arrival

Faces of happiness and satisfaction


Threw the ball, threw the unhappiness!

The serious-sh*t-looking-me with Ainaa

Three cheers for happy day!

We really had a very good moment together. Hey guys! Why not we play together again when we meet next time? I believe all of you miss my Ball 9 technique!

Hall of Fame
... Danga Bay Marina ...

We were given a task by our beloved trainer. He asked us to go out around the area, even anywhere we want, took our best picture to be putted in the IMGLAD's Hall of Fame.

Actually, I think our trainer want to keep them for himself only.

Here are the picture of those who went together for the photography session with me.

Ida, Cyril, Juli

Jun, me, Ila

Shiba, Helmi, Shikin

IMGLAD 11/A5 Farewell Dinner
... so long and good bye ...

It was 26 March at Mama Chop Papa Grill Taman Universiti. The dinner was sponsored by our respected trainer, Datuk Prof. Ir. Ishak bin Ismail, and together was his beloved family members.

The ceremony began with a speech by our President, Mohd Firdauz. At the end of his speech, we gave a very special handmade gift to our trainer -- a big frame of our pictures -- with a signed wishes at the back.

With love, to our beloved trainer

After that, we enjoy our meals which were actually ordered a day before that night! Haha... Of course I chose the most expensive one...

The feast began...

When we done enjoying our meals, it was gifts exchange ceremony! All of us need to give a gifts to the person who were chosen randomly a few days before. That night, we have to picked up a numbered ping pong ball to choose who will be the first to start the activity and I was the first! Damn!

From the first picture (giver to receiver) :
Zaki-Juli, Juli-Dauz, Khairul-Nizam, Fiza-Ida, Erin-Qema,
Ila-Zaki, Jun-Helme, Siti-Erin, Helme-Sal, Ekin-Ainaa,
Mah-Khairul, Ida-Dayah, Qema-Wan, Liza-Jun, Nizam-Siti,
Sofi-Fiza, Wan-Nanna, Ainaa-Ila, Dauz-Prof., Cyril-Sofi,
Nanna-Ekin, Dayah-Mah, Sal-Cyril, Shiba-Lizaand Prof. -Shiba.

Later on we proceed to acoustic karaoke. I sang Flying without Wings (Weslife), sincerely and with full emotion. I really mean it, guys.

When we done with everything, we take pictures with our trainer for the last time. Then, we went to Danga City Mall to play bowling again. After that, we had our last supper together at Restoran Ayub.

Pesta Konvo UTM
... boredom is the disease, working is the medicine ...

I was asked by Shu-Ai to help her friend at her stall during the event. Because of boredom, I agreed straight away, with no doubt!

The advantages was I met my old friend at UTM Semarak, Raihan! She looked less chubby than few years back and her charm still the same. I was so happy with those coincidences!

Helping with the cooking and almost everything

By the way, it might be to late but congratulations for all my IMGLAD friends for the convocation!

Teluk Gorek, Mersing
... picnic, camping, cooking ...

The program was held by IMGLAD 9/A4 as their celebration day. It was held on 1st and 2nd April. However, since not all of their class members joined the event, Juli and I decided to go together with them since we were bored waiting to go home.

We began our journey about 11am with six (6) cars. For our lunch, we went to a chicken rice restaurant at Kota Tinggi.

Break and take

Around 3.30 pm, we arrived. We set the tents up straight away and putted all the stuffs brought to the place provided.

Set up the tents together

Rafi and Nor's cat

After tea break, we take our time to enjoy the beautiful views of the place. Some of us go swimming but I have no intention to join them. I feel much more comfortable to just sit and looking at the surroundings.

Swimming and playing'

After dawn, we all together prepare the meals for the dinner. As the chef de partie, I prepared the barbeque.

Busy at the pantry

Imported man of lamp ;p

We really enjoy our dinner that night! Owh! I bring a bottle of budu but only few of them were willing to try the magnificent traditional sauce. What the fish!

Then, we made few activities to cheer up the night. We did lot of things and what can I say is I feel so calm.

Moonlight Saga

Activities held

I woke up at 6.30 the next morning, as requested. One and half hour sleep was enough for that morning. The ambient that morning was so beautiful and peaceful. I feel so relief and thankful to be there. We enjoy it!

Dusk at the seaside

VIP from IMGLAD 11/A5

Before preparing the breakfast, we whom woke up early went to the beach to enjoy the view and... hunting!

Digging in progress

Environmental criminal!

Since we failed in our hunt, we prepared the breakfast straight away. We made pancake with chocolate, strawberry jam and honey as the topping. Plus, we also made sardine and egg sandwich.

After we finish, we went swimming and play beach volleyball. Others repacked the tents and tidy up the place. I went to the room for warm shower and fall asleep until being woke up for Friday prayer by Luqman.

Beach volleyball

Packing up

This one is interesting. Along able to caught a jellyfish! It just a small one and looked cute to me.

The cute, innocent jellyfish

The IMGLAD 9/A4 family

After we had our lunch, we prepared ourselves for the journey back home. An accident almost occur a few minutes later but everybody save and no major damages on the car.

Balik Kampung!
... JB - Muar - Alor Gajah ...

The date was 3rd April. After I serviced my car, I went to Kolej 9 and waiting for them - Juli and Shikin - as we planned to go back home together. What so amazing about this two (2) young lady was their stuffs made my car full like a can of sardine!

Their heavy-packed belongings!

Since we didn't took our breakfast yet, we went to the McDonald's Drive Thru nearby and start our journey later on straight to Parit Samsu, Muar.

McD, 24-7!

Couple of hours later, we arrived at Julina's house at Parit Samsu. Ah! It's very easy to get there. It was rainy that time. Her father was there that time but since he was so busy with her cousin's wedding ceremony, we just had a little chat only.

After we took out all her belongings, we went to her cousin's house. There, we met her mother and some of her siblings. We had our lunch there.

Julina's mother, brother and sisters (partly)

The newly wed couple

Julina once told me that there is a place in Muar that served the best mee bandung I ever had. So, I asked her to bring me there. If I'm not mistaken, it's Abdul Rahman Mee Bandung (correct me if I'm wrong).

Yes! That is the best mee bandung I ever had in my life! Shikin even order one once she tasted mine. In addition, we packed one for Jamil also!

It's fingers licking good!

A picture to be remember

Later on we rest for a couple hours at her house and then proceed our journey to Melaka. At Melaka Sentral, I dropped Shikin off and took up Jamil. Home sweet home!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear IMGLAD 11/A5 friends,

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for being such a very good friends. Thanks for everything. I am here ask for apologize for any mistakes made. I do apologized all of you already. If anything I can help, just let me know.

Our trainer is always the best we ever had. Thanks to him for all the efforts on us. We owe him our live. Long live, Datuk Prof. Ishak!


I will miss you dearly, guys!

a special little gift from me, to all of you.

To friends from other classes, the same goes to you. Till we meet again. Good luck and take care of yourself.

p/s : I love you

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