Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks for the memories

19 December 2009, after 2 years and 2 weeks being together, we fall apart. Yes, me and her is no longer a loving couple.

Sincerely, thank you very much.

No remorse, no offense. This is just a common story of life. This is nothing to be sad about. This is something called as EXPERIENCE.

Looking forward for something new in life. Taking time to love and been loved again.

Ah... I used to wait for few years. This will be nothing to be worried about.

To you, thanks for the memories. Thanks for your support especially to faced my dad's death. Thanks for your love even though it's quite late than mine. I do appreciate it. I will keep in touch with you and your beloved family. I love them, I do.

Looking forward a new life. May He bless us and guide us to something better that we can't expected at all.

Thank you.

6 thought(s):

♥♥cHeNta_tiEha♥♥ said...

mgkin ini ujian TUHAN~

experience is da best medicine~


A d'Z said...

tieha : tau... leh lalu, Insya-Allah.

46ers said...

Rilek bro, bunga bukan sekuntum...

A d'Z said...


"Perfect bunch" (FarmVille) pyh nk cri, bro... xpe2. tgk la cmne flow. thnx ek!

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

sile bertabah!
perjalanan masih jauh..
insyaALLAH..DIA telah tetapkan yang terbaek utk setiap umatNYA..


A d'Z said...

jaa :

ak steady je... xde hal la... ad bnde lg pntg yg ak nk pk skrg... thnxalot!