Thursday, December 3, 2009

2nd December 2009

Yesterday I woke up early. I can't stand with the pain anymore. Right after I finished grooming myself, I go to Hospital Alor Gajah to met the dentist. Yeah, you already know my problem.

I arrived the at 8.45 am and I was the 4th in queue. But my turn came around 10.45 am! The dentist in charge came up late to work because of personal problem at home. So, I just took it.

Adult teeth diagram -

I got to uproot my third molar teeth, and been suggested to braced my tooth or I'll face a very unpleasant experience as I get older and older.

With the cotton gauge in my mouth to absorb all the blood that came out from the gum, I went to Tampin. I want to make a hairdo at a suggested saloon.

Yeah! I'm satisfied with the result, guys! That amoi really know what to be done to my hair. I will come here again for sure!

Here is some before-and-after pictures :

Front view

Side view

Rear view

But, after I went back home, I fall asleep. Quite a long sleep, because of the bleeding!

The bloody proof!

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