Monday, December 7, 2009

She is Christian : Part 2

Dear readers, do you remember Fabian Uralt (Causes on Facebook : She is Christian), my friend on Facebook? Here is another story about her.

We were chatting few days ago after for some time. Below is the dialogue between us -- original, not edited. Just I changed it to be more formal and understandable.

Enjoy reading. Think about it.

Me (M) and Fabian (F).

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

M : I hope so... How about you? Anything new?

F : yeah, last Sunday was election. About minaret, if Moslem have the right to build minarets in Switzerland. And that was forbidden. Very sad moment in the history of Switzerland.

M : Their answer is NO?

F : That is when you have a direct democracy, you don't know what can happened. Yes, their answer is no! that's crazy!

M : Wow... That is totally undemocratic.

F : That's against all rules that Swiss represent. Unbelievable! I am ashamed to be a Swiss.

M : You don't have to be ashamed, my friend. Those who said NO are the one who should feel that way. You are the real nationalist, they just racist. Typical people unlike you.

F : Yeah, that's racist and shouldn't be Swiss like. Here, everyone lives as neighbour. No one has problem with the other. That's what make Switzerland so different. Why some religion like the Jew or Mormons can build their symbols and the Islam not? That's bull shit! Sorry.

M : It's okay. You're right. Democracy is just for them, but not for Moslem. Believe me, I can see that very, very, very clear.

F : I hope someone else will change that soon.

M : Amen... god wills, my friend.

F : So, my friend, I must go to sleep. I go to a football game tomorrow. I wish you a wonderful night! See you soon.

M : Okay, good night. See you soon.

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