Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Malaysians' f*cking attitudes

I feel annoyed with what has happened today. There were few incident that makes me come out with this post. By the way, this post is specially made for some of my countrymen.

Oh, Malaysians! You made me feel sick! A society with first class facilities and uncivilized mentality. Read this you pathetic freaks (those who are related)!

Public Toilet

Had your mom ever tell you the differences between squat toilet and flush toilet? If she didn't, let me show you using the image below :

Squat toilet vs. Flush toilet

A flush toilet is used by SITTING, not SQUATTING. Because of your stupidity (maybe you are confuse, I don't know), you always use a flush toilet like this!

An uncivilized person squatting on a flush toilet

Thrashes / Rubbish

I've read Kosmo! (8 July 2010). There is a news about our neighbour, Singapore. Their government will rise the fine for throwing rubbish in public places form S$200 to S$300, for the first time 'environment criminals'. And, for the other time, the fine will increase up to S$5000!

From Malaysian to Malaysia

I always get mad to my friends because of their habits to thrown away their wastes everywhere they want. I even wish that they will be fined as much as possible for doing that. Damn! It gross!

One other thing. Do not use recycle bin as dustbin! Be a wise human being, please! You are not animals.


From many of Malaysia achievements, this one does made me 'proud' -- one of the highest country with road accidents!

I don't understand where are your courtesy when you are on the road. Going wild and crazy, violate the rules and the most important thing, irritates people!

Brainless racer wannabes

Hey! If you satisfied with your life now and ready to go to the Heaven (if you are good enough to be there), do not involve people whom still want to enjoy every single breaths of their life!

For me, Heaven can wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Those things only some of the many things 'so good' about Malaysian. I am mad now. Don't want to talk about this anymore. Tired!

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