Wednesday, March 3, 2010

IMGLAD : 4th and 5th week (18-26 Feb 2010)

Hello! Here we meet again. Talking about my life here, this I was to busy. There is lot of things need to be done here.

Pictures and stories straight away!

Difficult Situations Role-play
... from pain to peace ...

Emotional engagement

In this activity, we need to act out a short drama on how to handle a difficult situation using the skills we had learned before. As usual, our trainee took us to a public area to act out. But that is not a big deal since we get used to it already. This activity helps us to understand practically how to handle a difficult situation and difficult people in order to solve the matter. For real, it works.

Cyril's Farewell Party
... good bye, welcome back ...

Big guy of the day, Cyril

Happy faces of A5 family

Everybody sing a song, do da...

Before CNY, we were informed that one of our classmates, Cyril, got a job and will start working on 22nd February. So we held a farewell party for this Mr. Nice Guy at our favourite hang out place – Kay Kopitiam.

Cyril brought his guitar and plays few songs for us. Owh, sorry. Not only him the one who was singing. Most of us, too.

The good news was, Cyril decide to stay and graduated from this program with us! We love you, buddy!

IMGLAD Sports Day
... win-lose, happy-sad, unity-controversy ...

Day and night training sessions

It was Sunday but all of us had prepared for the event. There were two (2) sports held which were futsal and volleyball – men and women. We were practicing together few days earlier and it was fun!

Men's volleyball (group stage)

We play only two (2) games in the group stage versus A1 and A3. Achik (A4) and Nanna were in the team since our team was handicapped. We made it into semi-final.

Women's futsal (group stage)

Even though the team was lack of experiences in this sport, they shown their determination and spirit into it. Of course, they didn't made it into semi-final but they had overcome their 'feminine border' to be in the men's field. Congratulation, ladies!

Men's futsal (group stage)

Just like the girls, we didn't made it into semi-final but we had played very well in all games and we were the third in our group. Good job, guys!

Women's volleyball (group stage)

Just like the men, our ladies had played very well in this sport. However, they failed to passed the group stage because of the decision made by the respected referee. It's okay, babes! No hassle.

Men's volleyball (semi-final and final)

As we made ourselves into semi-final, we also made it into final. With the help of these two (2) beautiful ladies of our group, Nanna and Juli, we became the 2nd. At least, A5 got something to be proud off!

The A4's : good friend and good foe

Our volleyball team supporters, united IMGLADians

The referees, partly

Controversies and incidents

Whatever incidents happened during the programme, we are happy because we can get together as a big family!

The A5's

Datuk Prof. Ishak's birthday
... the legend continued ...

The transporters

Wan and me had to wake up very early that day because we need to take the kitchen crews to Wan's house. It was 5.30 am, right after Subuh, we took them at Kolej 9.

The 'tuan rumah'

The kitchen crews, partly

Wan's mother has waited for us that morning. Straight away after we arrived, we prepared all the foods needed for the party.

Busted! The transporter fall asleep!

I teach her how to be a 'mithali' wife
for her future hubby (can be abybody)

These two (2) candid pictures made me a little bit upset because I didn't pose very well that time! Argh! But I love them.

Light breakfast for the crews

Snapshots of memories

After we were done with the food, we grab a bite of light breakfast prepared by Wan's mom. Pictures, of course we had some more.

Preparations at the class

Right after Prof. Ishak went out from the class, we prepared the room as planned. Everybody contributed and this is what so special about A5.

Happy 66th birthday, Prof!

There he is! The birthday guy, Datuk Prof. Ishak! Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to Prof. Ishak... Happy birthday to you...

The bountiful feast of the beautiful day

Made by family for family. Eaten by family with family. Sandwiches, sausages, chicken drummets, French fries, cakes and junk food. Perfect feast, simply perfect party.

Furthermore, we, IMGLAD United FC had joined SPE-Cup Futsal Tournament on 26th but we were unlucky because we didn't passed the group stage. It's okay then. Life is merrier than ever!

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