Monday, February 15, 2010

IMGLAD : 2nd and 3rd week (1-11 Feb 2010)

Howdy, friends and readers!

It is nice to meet you all again. "Wow!". That is the only word that I can use to express my feeling about this extraordinary programme of Deloitte. Again, just like before, pictures!


Public Speaking
... facing reality ...

Danga Bay Mayor Election campaign

Business presentation to US investors at Kay Classic Kopitiam

For your information, after few time presenting and speaking with the attention of the public, we get used to it. There is no problem for us to speak to the public now!

But of course, we need some more training to be great.

... beyond thoughts ...

Balloon couch
Will you dare to sit on it?

For the balloon couch (sofa), each team were given with 25 balloons and a roll of sellotape. Each group need to create a couch using those items given. Then, to ensure the durability of each team couch, the lightest person of each group need to sit on the couch for 3 minutes without any part of the representative body touch the floor.

The winner of this activity was Team B, with none of the balloon blast! Believe it or not? Believe it.

Spaghetti bridge
Is anybody want to cross the logic?

In this activity, each team were given with two (2) packets of spaghetti sticks and two (2) roles of sellotapes. They need to build a bridge using those items provided. The minimum specifications of the bridge are 40 cm of length and 10 cm height from the floor. At the end, the strength of each bridges were tested using stuffs in the class.

Since all of the bridges passed the 'local test', they need to pass 'international test' which the lightest person of the group, Fiza, will stand on every bridge built!

The winner of the game was my team, Team D. Why? Our bridge doesn't break at all! We are not satisfy with the 'test' so Nizam stand on our bridge. You know what, it still stay unbroken!

... practice of skills ...

Active listening

Assertive behaviour

Corporate conversation

Those three (3) activities shown above can be define as 'practicum' to the skills that we had learn for that exact day. It also combined other skills that we had learn in the week before. By acting, we can clearly understand how to use those skills in various kind of situations.

... focus, synchronize, thick face ...

Poco-poco is the most adventurous activity so far. Why? As you can see in the picture, we need to dance at a public area, wearing formal attire! This was to train us to be more focus on what we are doing, synchronization between the team members and the most important thing was to teach us to be thick face a.k.a. brave.

Brick Tower
... lead, follow, instinct, build ...


For this activity, each teams were provided with a set of 48 pieces wooden brick. The rules were the builders need to use their left hand (for right-handed, vice versa) and blindfolded! The manager and observers cannot touch any bricks.

The first challenge was "build a tower with the exact height targeted" and my team, Team D won this challenge. Secondly, we had to "build the highest triangular shaped tower" and the winner was Team B. The last challenge was to "build the highest and stable tower". In this challenge my team built the highest tower but the winner was Team A because their tower able to faced 'the earthquake'.

To conclude, this activity teach us how to lead and giving instructions clearly, understanding the instruction given, use our instinct correctly and focus to the work; and expect the unexpected.

Wait for next week post, ya! Mmuahxx! I love you all, guys.

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