Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IMGLAD : 1st week (25-31 Jan 2010)

Dear friends and readers,

My first week in IMGLAD is so amazing until I got no time for blogging. Here are some photos to be shared with you. A photo can describe thousand words, isn't? Hahaha...

But I'll lead you with some caption. Don't worry!

On work!


My already-married-roommate, Firdauz...

She makes me gonna hunt for the MILF!
The married 25 y/o Sofie.

Our respecful trainer,
Datuk Prof. Ir. Ishak Ismail
(CEO of Bisnes Maju Sdn Bhd etc.)

IMGLAD 11 man of honor (from left) :
Firdauz, me, Wan, Khairul, Cyril, Nizam and Helme


UTM Net Challenge 2010
IMGLAD Balls United
vs. Bereh NC (1-5)
vs. Basket NC (0-12)
vs. Apom Lenggang NC (2-0)

Latest scandal, Ida
Singing Somethin' Stupid

Partner-in-crime, Wan

Achik and Shakira
(a.k.a. Kira / Shake / Anje)
This is really fun and amazing, guys! If anyone of you plan to join this programme, just do it! This programme is totally awesome and you will never ever regret it. That's all for now. Just wait for my next post!
Looking forward to see you guys again! Bye!~

2 thought(s):

haziQah said...

mcm best je programme ni..what programme is this actly?

~ Imran ~ said...

Ape ke susah beno nk komen blog ko ni...
Wat la chatbox 1...
Laju skit sgala cacian & makian terhormat ak sampai kt ko...

p/s:cuti winter main salji