Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet David Goon (and friend)

After befriended through Facebook, here we meet for the first time. One of my online best friend, David Goon. Last night, our friendship bond strengthen...

About 9.30 pm, I went to Melaka town assisted by my friend Ejat. I drove the green Sutera, straight to Melaka Raya. When I arrive at Century Mahkota Hotel, I call David. He was waiting me at the Time Hotel lobby, Jalan Melaka Raya 12. I went there. I lost.

After asking two ladies the hotel l0cation, finally we arrived there.

I parked my car and meet him and his friend, Randy. David, Ejat and me went to Uncle John Kopitiam first while Randy would came later with Rick.

David is a 40 years old engineer. He attended a meeting at Johor Bahru that evening but decided to stay in Melaka for that night.

After we ordered our foods and drinks, we talked. He is exactly as I known online. No different. Then, Randy came with Rick.

Randy is an engineer too while Rick is a well-positioned staff of CIMB.

From right :
David, me, Rick and Randy

We talked, talked and talked on too many topics. All three of them was very, very nice gentlemen. I'm proud to be their friend.

Ah! Job market is nothing to be worried about for me and Ejat. All there of them will help us later on. Yahoo!

Guys, don't be hesitate to be friend with anybody. Don't care about what races they are or what age are them. Just be friend and everything will be okay.

David, thanks for being my friend. I am honored to be you friend.

BFF, buddy!

4 thought(s):

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

betui ape yg k0 ckp.juz be fren wit wh0ever they l0ng they can respect us. kat cnie pun ak dah mula berkawan ngn dak2 Chinese n als0 f0reigner.they r s0 nice 0ke!


A d'Z said...

Jaa : syok bl b'kwn dg bgsa2 len ni. xde la kt dok dlm dnia kt sndri je...

dvilla said...

mg ader kwn name david blaine x?...kalo ade,ak nk kwn gk..chris angel ke..

A d'Z said...

dvilla : mn ad, bai. david goon la.